Wow! What a year 2020 has been so far! Firstly A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my small business and helped me to survive this difficult period. I am so so grateful to you!

I have been trying to re-figure the classroom to make it safe to be able to attend classes again. I am going to open the classroom from mid August to groups who know each other and family/friend bubbles of up to 6 people.

I am not going to put out a programme of classes to the general public as I would normally do just yet, but book you in to learn whatever you want to learn as small groups of people who you know.


You can opt to book to make:

Lanterns £40 pp 2 hours

Tea lights £40 pp 2 hours

Gin Swizzle sticks and slumped bottles £30 pp 1.5 hours

Pendants and earrings £28pp 1.5 hours

Children’s hanging pictures £25pp 1.5 hours

Waves and Curves £45pp 2 hours

Square plates £50 pp 2 hours

Birdbath £80 pp 2 hours

Small Flower garden sculpture £50 pp 2 hours

Personalised saying hanger £30 pp 1.5 hours

Christmas decoration £18 pp 1 hour

Make your picture in glass £35 pp 1.5 hours

If none of these classes, take your fancy and you want to make some thing completely different, let me know!!!

For anyone who has a gift certificate to spend, the dates on them have automatically been extended to 31st December 2020.