Always wanted to make bespoke glass? Now you can!

Make your own A4 sheet of custom Decal prints to add to fused glass.

You do the artwork on publisher or word, save as a PNG file and email it to

We then print a A4 coloured sheet of decal prints for you.

These work like a temporary tattoo! You cut them off the sheet, soak in warm water for 10 seconds and slide onto glass. using a cloth, wipe water away and smooth onto the glass. Leave to dry and then fire in the kiln.

You can fire these decals at tack fused temperatures for best effect (730 -760C depending on your kiln). The decals will fade higher temperatures.

NB: Decals work best on a white opaque background. Please see photos for colour depth after firing. Colours appear brighter on decal sheets before firing and may not come out exactly the same after firing. We suggest a test firing first.

If you require us to do any artwork, we can do basic artwork at a cost of £20 per hour, please get in touch to talk about your requirements.

Please select decal shipping in basket for correct postage.